Have fresh fruit delivered regularly or occasionally direct to your office.
Enjoy the benefits and the energy provided by a healthy, rich, varied diet in your workplace.

Well-being at work begins with a fruity, vitamin-rich diet.


With its Fruit@Office service, Grosbusch allows every company to enjoy a selection of fresh fruit delivered direct to its premises.

Our aim with this service is to promote good health at work by offering a healthy, balanced diet.

See all our flexible, practical options that give you the chance to enjoy the benefits of fruit at work every day.


Fruit@Office customers can either subscribe to deliveries at regular intervals or send in occasional orders.

There are 4 box options available:

  • The PREMIUM box offers a selection of the best seasonal fruit.
  • The ORGANIC box offers a choice of high-quality organic fruit.
  • The BASIC box contains a selection of popular, everyday fruit: apples, pears, bananas…
  • The FRESH’CUT box presents cut fruit in a container.

Orders are placed online via or directly with our customer advisors on +352 403 703.

Product selection

To make up our boxes, products are selected with care from those available on our Ellange site. We taste the newly-arrived products every day to ensure that our customers enjoy a tasty selection of fresh, ripe products, full of the vitamins they need to do a full day’s work.

Hand-packing the boxes

We pack each box by hand. Each fruit therefore goes through the hands of an experienced employee who checks the quality before placing it in the box.


The boxes are then delivered. We deliver direct to the offices of customers throughout the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. Depending on customers’ wishes, we can deliver occasionally or regularly, every working day, once a week or more, once a month or more, etc.

A selection of fresh, top-quality products

Delivered direct to the workplace

A way to promote health in the working environment