The company is concerned about its environmental impact and has embarked on an exacting sustainable development policy.

If we are to offer high-quality natural products, we need to be able to preserve the environment.

Cold production

Cold production

To keep its fruit and vegetables fresh, Grosbusch needs to maintain a permanent refrigeration chain. To air-condition our facilities without using large quantities of polluting energy, the company uses STL technology. This provides more environmentally-friendly cold production at a lower cost and considerably reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

The cold is produced at night, stored as ice and redistributed throughout the day.

Waste management

The company is keen to take part in a more environmentally-friendly circular economy and tries to reduce its waste production; it also seeks to recover its waste through sorting and recycling.

Cardboard waste

Our cardboard waste is shredded and taken to a treatment centre for recovery.

Organic waste

All our organic waste is collected and delivered to a bio-methanization station. The inert matter is transformed into green, useful energy.

Packing materials

To limit the use of packing materials and therefore the production of waste throughout the logistics chain, we give preference to the use of re-usable, returnable EPS and IFCO type crates by our suppliers.

Wood waste

Our wood waste is shredded and taken to a wood recovery centre.


Plastic waste is systematically sorted. Flexible plastic and hard plastic go through separate recovery processes.

Printer cartridges

Our printer cartridges are systematically returned to our suppliers or to firms specializing in the recycling of this type of consumable.


Rainwater is recovered to supply our vehicle cleaning system and thus considerably reduces our consumption.


All our offices are equipped with recycling bins. Employees are made aware of the issues inherent to energy-saving.


Our fleet of lorries is regularly renewed to meet the most exacting pollution and emission standards. Our latest-generation lorries are fitted with the AdBlue system, which limits CO² production.