Promotional activities & visual merchandising

Highlight our fruit and vegetables in your retail outlets with our promotional activities and visual merchandising solutions.

Let our teams and visual merchandising solutions help you put the products in the spotlight, add to the customer experience and encourage sales.

There’s a real art to making the product even more attractive.

Quality is central to Grosbusch’s priorities. Promoting this by presenting our fruit and vegetables in an attractive way is another challenge that the company has set itself.

We have therefore developed an expertise in the visual merchandising of the product at the point of sale, enabling our shopkeeper and supermarket customers to promote our fruit and vegetables more effectively and encourage people to buy.

We have a wide range of solutions for merchandising our products according to the season. We can set out a range of backdrops and themed stands in your point of sale to suit the events and the different times of year.

We can provide you with decorative materials, refrigerators, tasting stands, carts, giant fruit, shrubs and plants.

We can also organize promotional activities, with sales experts on hand to present the product, its origin and qualities, and offer tastings.