We pack fruit and vegetables to meet the needs of supermarkets.

Highlight our different products on your shelves and stalls! Make life easier for your customers!

Fresh, premium quality products, packed to attract.

Our pre-packing department works to order: we keep no stock. We pack products available that day to meet demand.

Thanks to this unique service, shops can offer a range of traditional or exotic fruit and vegetables that are both uniform and attractive to the consumer.

Selection to order

Our products are packed according to prior orders, to be delivered on a fixed date.

The fruit and vegetables are selected from the available supply, according to the customer’s request and according to their calibre and quality in terms of attractiveness and taste. We only pack premium category fruit and vegetables.


Grosbusch has 4 pre-packing lines on its Ellange site, which enable the company to pack the different types of products to meet customer expectations. Organic products are packed on a separate line from the others.

Packing and labelling

The selected products are packed and labelled to facilitate their sale in supermarkets.

Grosbusch can also design special packaging for its customers on request.


The products we have packed are delivered to our customers with the refrigeration chain maintained throughout. They may be placed straight on the shelves. The consumer therefore has a guaranteed choice of fresh, high-quality fruit and vegetables.

Orders on day A for day B

No stock, for guaranteed freshness

High-quality, flavourful products

Rigorous selection, top-quality seasonal products

Adapted, uniform packaging

Take advantage of a range effect