Freshly cut fruit

Depending on needs, we cut fresh fruit and vegetables at perfect ripeness, taking the maximum care with the product.

Enjoy a ready-to-eat or enhanced product, packed to meet your needs.

Make life easier, eat freshly cut fruit!

Freshly cut conventional and organic fruit for supermarkets and the catering industry.

Fresh fruit is cut to meet needs and requests. Our conventional or organic cut fruits are packed in various ways, ready to be enjoyed directly by the consumer or supermarket customer, or to be used in a restaurant dish.

Our cut products are 100% natural. They contain no preservatives or additives, such as syrups or sugar. Their freshness is guaranteed by a refrigeration chain that is maintained throughout the transformation process, right up until delivery to the customer.

From April to June, enjoy our asparagus peeled by our own employees. We select the best growing areas throughout the season in order to offer an irreproachable product.

Specially chosen products

Grosbusch carries out a rigorous selection at the purchasing stage. In partnership with the grower, we make every effort to offer our customers quality products. The selection process involves checking the ripeness and firmness of the fruit, its sugar level and its taste qualities.

Inspection on arrival

Our quality managers inspect the fruit that arrives at our facilities from the four corners of the earth. It is tasted and, if there is a problem, immediately set aside. We then select only the best fresh fruit for cutting.

Dressing and cutting

We produce to order and keep no stock, in order to guarantee the highest possible quality.

Dressing consists of removing all the waste from the fruit: the peel, pips or seeds. The fruit is then cut into different sizes to meet the customer’s needs.

All our fruit is cut by hand to maintain the integrity, quality and freshness of the product. It also allows us to carry out a permanent quality control throughout the transformation process. If there is a fault in the fruit, our employees will easily spot it and set it aside.

Packing and delivery

The transformed fruit is packed in different ways to meet the customer’s expectations. We offer “convenience” or “snacking” type packaging for people who wish to eat on the move. This type of packaging is also popular with local authorities, schools and care homes.

We also offer packaging adapted to the hotel-restaurant-café sector, enabling restaurateurs to save time and work directly with a prepared, fresh, high-quality product.

Orders on day A for day B

No stock, for guaranteed freshness

High-quality, flavourful products

Rigorous selection, top-quality seasonal products

Cut by hand

Taking the greatest possible care with the product