Our brands

Under the Grosbusch, Grosbusch BIO and Grosbusch Fresh’Cut brands, Grosbusch offers the best fruit and vegetables in its range, selected with care, according to the season, for their quality and the know-how of their growers.

Grosbusch, Grosbusch BIO and Grosbusch Fresh’Cut, your marks of quality!

Grosbusch Wellness Food

Grosbusch BIO Wellness Food

Grosbusch fresh Cut

The 3 brands Grosbusch, Grosbusch BIO et Grosbusch Fresh’Cut offer products of a remarkable quality: a real guarantee of health and well-being.

By choosing one of these two brands, you are assured of a fresh, tasty product at the best price.

The products that we present under these two brands come with all the added value provided by Grosbusch. Rigorously selected for their ripeness and taste, these products are all in season. They may also have been carefully transformed, freshly cut or packed according to the various needs and expectations of consumers.

Grosbusch BIO, top-quality organic fruit and vegetables

Under the Grosbusch BIO brand, Grosbusch offers an organic range of fruit and vegetables that all meet the same requirements.

Grosbusch works with organic growers throughout Europe, selected for the quality of their work. These products have a dedicated logistics chain to transport them to our company premises. They are all treated and transformed separately to comply with organic certification standards.

Top-quality, fresh fruit and vegetables