From selecting fruit and vegetables from the growers’ premises to their delivery to customers, Grosbusch makes every effort to ensure that its products offer quality, freshness and flavour.

Faultless organization to ensure that every customer receives a fresh, quality product.

Selecting the products and purchasing the goods

Grosbusch prefers to select its products direct from the growers, long before the fruit and vegetables are transported and received.

Over the years, Grosbusch has established lasting partnerships and built up trusting relationships with growers from all over Europe and with firms involved in the European wholesale markets that meet our quality criteria in order to be able to offer products from all over the world.

Transporting and accepting the products

Products arrive at our Ellange facility every day from all over Europe and the world. The refrigeration chain ensures that our fruit and vegetables stay fresh.

Deliveries are carefully checked on arrival. We check the products for quality, calibre, ripeness, sugar level, quantity and the transport conditions and temperatures.


The products are then stored at controlled temperatures in our air-conditioned 4500 m2 warehouse. Each fruit and vegetable is stored at the temperature that suits it best.

Thanks to daily deliveries, we are able to minimize the storage period to ensure that the products are as fresh as possible.

Taking orders and sales

All our products are available from stock, except for those in the fourth range which, due to their limited life span, are available on a pre-order basis.

600 orders a day: Grosbusch receives orders from its customers every day by e-mail, fax or telephone.

Our customers may ask at any time for helpful advice from our managers to ensure that the products are of the right quality and price, according to the season and availability.


In preparing each order, our teams of experts pay particular attention to the quality of the products and the ripeness of the fruit.

Each order is prepared individually from fresh stock, from kilogram to pallet weight, depending on customers’ needs and expectations: traditional trades, supermarkets and hypermarkets, restaurateurs, caterers, etc.

Transport and delivery

Ideally situated in Luxembourg, at the crossroads of Europe, close to France, Germany and Belgium, our facilities and fleet mean that we can transport fruit and vegetables quickly throughout the Greater Region.