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Grosbusch is a whole team working to ensure that your fruit and vegetables are of high quality.

Our business and services presented in a few videos.

Grosbusch in 2 minutes

Find out more about our business and how we work day after day to offer you fresh, top-quality fruit and vegetables.

We have introduced rigorous procedures to meet our customers’ requirements and offer them services that meet their expectations.

Our Freshly Cut Fruit service

We hand-cut conventional and organic fresh fruit according to needs for supermarkets and catering customers.

Our cut fruit is packed in different ways to meet customer expectations.

See also how we make our smoothies and ultra-fresh juices.

Our Pre-packing service

With our 4 pre-packing chains, we pack fruit and vegetables to meet the needs of supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Organic products are packed on a separate line to the others.

The selected products are packed, labelled and delivered to our customers, ensuring that the refrigeration chain is carefully maintained.

Our Fruit@Office service

Have fresh fruit delivered regularly or occasionally direct to your office.

See a video showing the different stages of the service: order, daily product selection, hand-packing of each box and, finally, delivery to your premises, according to your choice.