Gariguette Strawberry

A red-orange colour, the “Gariguette” is an early variety of strawberry very popular in France.

With its elongated shape and delicious taste, The Gariguette strawberry is an unrivalled delight from springtime onwards.

It is picked from May and is thus able to compete with the more southern varieties from Spain and Italy. While it is now possible to eat it all year round, we are currently in the best period for enjoying it.

Enjoying Gariguette strawberries …

They are popular for their strongly scented, juicy, acidulous flesh.

They are extremely refreshing and we recommend that you don’t serve them too cold, as this masks their delicious aroma.

They are normally served as a dessert, but are also an ideal base ingredient for jam.

Gariguette strawberries were invented by the agricultural engineer, Georgette Risser.

She directed research work at INRA Avignon to create a new variety in the late 70s. The name comes from the address of one of the researchers, who lived in “Chemin des Gariguettes”.

Gariguette Strawberry