Ministar Dulcita Tomatoes

The Dulcita Ministar is a cherry tomato.

These tomatoes are among the best in the world. The “Ministar Dulcita” is distinctive for its unique aromas and incredible sweetness.

This variety has a very sweet aftertaste; tomato-lovers will delight in its sweetness and remarkable aromatic flavours.

This small cherry tomato is juicy and extremely tasty.

A deep red colour, grown on the vine, the Ministar Dulcita tomato is an outstanding product that heralds in the warm days of summer.

At aperitif time, as a starter or in your main dishes…

… these miniature tomatoes are particularly decorative for festive occasions. They will decorate your aperitif tables and are an ideal accompaniment for your starters (salads,…) or even your main courses.

Ministar Dulcita Tomatoes